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Tourism Ucluelet

Ucluelet is a small fishing community on the west coast of Canada. Tourism Ucluelet represents the numerous stakeholders in Ucluelet area and provides travel information for the tourists who wish to visit Ucluelet.

Launched in June 2021, the website is built with the WordPress block editor along with ACF Blocks for all pages, and posts including custom post types.

As with all websites I develop, the Tourism Ucluelet is meant to be easy for the users to navigate on the front end but as the back end as well.

Images have instructions for the best size to use, required fields are label with a asterisk and the admin area menu is completing customized for ease of use.

The admin menu has the media, pages and posts in a group, along the 5 stakeholder custom post types grouped together then the 4 lesser used custom post types grouped together

The TUC Options page has few different options for the user which affects the website

If the website is turned on to “Emergency Mode”. All pages and posts are replaced by the emergency page.

Using ACF Blocks allows for an incredibly easy site to edit.

The FAQ page with a FAQ opened

The block editor for the FAQ custom post types is meant to look similar the FAQ page

A simple Wysiwyg Editor is used for the FAQs

An edit page screen with all editors closed

The user is able to select from 6 different colours for the background colour. Each colour is listed with the colour name to assist any user with colour blindness

The image is marked as required along with a recommended size

The stakeholders pages are designed to give the user the ability to filter based off of their desires or needs.

An example of the filtering on the accommodations page. The checkboxes use the same background colour from the section above